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  • Seth Chitwood

Today for Red Circles

Aside from the radio interview today, things were a little quiet for Red Circles. Nothing big! I’m still on my mini-vacation from filming. But, I am currently working on the schedule for the February and March filming, which can be quite stressful. I have to make sure everyone’s schedules and availability works which can be very tough. However, by the looks of things, if all goes as planned we should be done with the filming by the end of March. Another big step for Red Circles; being the editor, I am about to make the step to Adobe Premiere. It’s an entirely new editing software for me, however, I believe it’s time to make the change. I’ve been using Roxio Videowave to edit, and although I was getting what I wanted done, I always knew that I needed a change. (We’ll there were other things, but I won’t get into it….) Anyway, I learned that Adobe would make my editing so much easier, AND I like easy. But first, I need to learn how to use it. So, I’m sitting down and watching the instructional DVD. I’ll let you know which episode is officially edited by Adobe, and you’ll have to tell me what you think of the difference. Good or bad? Other then that, I’ve been working with the brilliant graphics designer and promotional creator Mary Ferrara (also Gloria Jackson in the series) on a postcard for Red Circles. We finally have a final draft ready for print, and then we’ll hopefully take them and distribute them to people to try and promote the series and gain more viewers. Tomorrow and Friday I’m setting a strict “Editing Day” schedule for myself to get stuff done! 48 hour dedicated to editing….sounds fun. That was today for Red Circles.

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