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  • Seth Chitwood

'Lungs: The Series,' 'The Love Triangle' first to drop exclusively on

Angelwood Pictures is excited to announce that its first two titles have successfully appeared on Already removed from youtube, all episodes of "Lungs: The Series" and the short film "The Love Triangle," will be exclusively available to watch on the Tubi streaming app available anywhere to watch.

These are the first two productions to transition to Tubi, after Angelwood announced in Fall 2023, that C3 Entertainment was collaborating with the production company to move its catalogue to other streaming platforms.

"Lungs: The Series" is about a group of people embark on a spiritual and emotional journey of self-discovery on The Hope Trail; a path of mindfulness, meditation, and introspection where the beauty of nature becomes a pathway to healing. It stars Ellen Levenson, David Sackal, Kimberly Mae Waller, Teddi Grace, Kimberley Miller and Paul Kandarian.

"The Love Triangle" (2015) is a 28 minute short about a woman in a throuple with two men is thrust into an impossible situation when she is held at gunpoint and forced to decide which one of two men she will save - and which one she will condemn to death. Starring: Wendy Hartman, JP Valenti and Sean McPhearson.

Other titles set to appear on streaming apps later this year are titles such as "Family Problems," "Testing: The Series," "The Girl in the Attic," and "Luna, The Witch."

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