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  • Seth Chitwood

Tim Dwyer joins Testing: The Series

Tim Dwyer is heading to Unit 23 in a recurring guest role as Flora’s infamous Husband, Fred. He will appear in Episode 21, titled ‘Boom’, which airs on Friday, September 29.

Dwyer will also be appearing as Agent Walker in Code 13: Unreadable and has also appeared in Patriot’s Day, The Perfect Murder, amongst more. He is also working on the films Tina, Blood/Lust, and Sunset Ridge Hooligans. Check out his IMDb page here.

Last time we saw Nurse Flora (Heather Stapleton), she was recovering in the Termination Unit under the care of Nurse Melody (Judith Maloney) when she came in contact with an ill patient. Earlier in the season, she confided in Nurse Merryweather (Dana Wine) that her husband had accidentally pushed her down a flight of stairs after she came to work with a dislocated shoulder and black eye.

Testing: The Series is produced by Angelwood Pictures and Beantown Statie Production Company. The series is currently airing its second season every Friday at 9pm EST. Watch the entire series here!

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