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  • Seth Chitwood

Testing: The Series Renewed for a Third Season

The horror web series received confirmation that it will be returning for a third season in Summer 2018. Testing: The Series is scheduled to air its season two finale on Friday, November 10.

The series is about test patients trying to survive a mysterious trial through the Moloch Corporation. It also focuses on how the staff reacts to the different tests, as well as, how the company was founded. The show released a total of twenty episodes this season. Last week, it celebrated its 25th Episode. 

The production is produced by Angelwood Pictures and Beantown Statie Production Company. The series stars Dana Wine, Jennifer Patricia Tyrrell, Stephanie Eaton, Bradley Rhodes, Acei Martin, Frank Czarnwoski, Casey Grace Murtagh, Anthony Guadette, Tony Ramos Wright, Evan Crocker, Jared Contrada, Joel-Michael Martin, Maureen Vlaco, and Charlie Alejandro. It’s written and directed by Seth Chitwood with executive producer Charlie Alejandro. Cinematography By Seng2KX.

Don’t miss the SEASON FINALE this Friday. Catch up on the entire series here.

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