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  • Seth Chitwood

Jon Korzeniowski & Ken Neenan head to Testing: The Series

Korzeniowski and Neenan will appear in the twenty-second episode of Testing: The Series THIS Friday, October 3 at 9pm EST. They both will play federal agents in a flashback.

Korzeniowski will play Agent McGaughney; who is investigating the murder of Nancy (the operator who received a strange phone call back in the first season).

They both will be making their Angelwood Pictures / Beantown Statie Production Company debut. Korzeniowski has also appeared in films such as Mail.Man, The Box, The Maiden Heist, BackMask, and Brotherhood. Neenan is working on several films including; Lifted, CHANCE, Michael Lawrence, Raymond, and Hunting Game.

Testing: The Series stars Dana Wine, Acei Martin, Jenny Tyrrell, Charlie Alejandro, Stephanie Eaton, Casey Grace Murtagh, Evan Croker, Jared Contrada, Joel Michael-Martin, and Bradley Rhodes. 

The series is currently airing its second season every Friday at 9pm EST. Watch the entire series here!

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