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Family Problems To Premiere 2/17/13

Angelwood Pictures’ newest web series, Family Problems, is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, February 17 at 9:00pm.

The series is about a family that buries a body in the woods and afterwards attempts to live an ordinary life. The series is told in three different eras: 1995, 2012, and 2044. Theresa Chiasson plays Molly Solloway, the mother within the family. Her life is told through each of the three periods, each episode.

The series also stars Peter Morse, Natasha Hatalsky, Sarah Alfano, Alex Dhima, Vicky Lynch, Stacey Forbes-Iwanicki, Christopher Ferreira, and Mary Paolino.

Creator and Director Seth Chitwood announced the first season will air twelve episodes and confirmed there will be a second season. The filming for the first season wraps in January.

Check out the promo for Family Problems:

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