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Season 4 Premieres March 2015
Family Problems - the mystery web series
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We are excited to announce that Family Problems was nominated for five 2015 LAWEBFEST awards! Congratulations to Wendy Hartman (Outstanding Lead Actress), John Samela (Outstanding Supporting Actor), Natasha Hatalsky (Outstanding Supporting Actress), Sarah Aflano (Outstanding Supporting Actress), and Seth Chitwood (Outstanding Writing).

Watch the Season 3 finale, Acceptance.

Family Problems makes Indie Series Network poll!
For the week of November 23rd, the Season 3 finale, Acceptance, was voted the #1 Best Web Series Episode, Wendy Hartman (Detective Rebecca Ellison) #1 Best Actress, John Samela (Chief Alexander Hudson) #1 Best Actor, Natasha Hatalsky (Det. Christina Elliot) #2 Best Actress, and Natasha Hatalsky and John Samela (Det. Christina Elliot and Chief Alexander Hudson) #1 Best Couple in the Indie Series Network "Web Series of the Week" poll. Thanks to everyone who voted! For week-by-week results, click the link on the press page.

Family Problems wins four 2014 LAWEBFEST Awards!
The show won for Outstanding Series, Outstanding Actress (Theresa Chiasson), Outstanding Supporting Actress (Vicky Lynch), and Outstanding Writing (Seth Chitwood). Congratulations to everyone!

Get caught up on the mystery! Watch the past three seasons here.

Family Problems is about a family that buries a body in the woods and must deals with the aftermath of their actions. Meanwhile, in year 2044, the detective investigate the crime within a corrupt department. Told in three different moments in time:

1995-2012 - tells the story of Detective Ellison and the moments before Henry’s death.

2012 - the family deals with the aftermath of Henry’s murder.

2044 - the detectives investigate Molly, her family, and the truth behind the murder of Jennifer & Henry.

Starring: Theresa Chiasson, Peter Morse, Natasha Hatalsky, Wendy Hartman, Sarah Alfano, John Samela, Alex Pires, Paula Dellatte, Marie Brandt, Alex Dhima and Sean McPherson.

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