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Family Problems - the mystery web series

Family Problems wins 5 awards at the 2017 Angel Awards!
Outstanding Lead Actress (Wendy Hartman), Outstanding Lead Actor (Tony Ramos Wright), Outstanding Supporting Actor (John Samela), Outstanding Supporting Actress (Karen Ann Martino), and Outstanding Day Player (Christie Devine). Congrats to everyone!

Family Problems is about a family who buries a body in the woods and must deal with the aftermath of their actions. Meanwhile, a detective tries to solve the mystery while dealing with a corrupt head of the police department.

Starring: Theresa Chiasson, Peter Morse, Sarah Alfano, Alex Dhima, Vicky Lynch, Natasha Hatalsky, Wendy Hartman, Tony Ramos Wright, John Samela, Kathryn Shasha, Jonathan Sartell, Susan Waletkus, Paula Dellatte, Mary C. Ferrara, Charlie Alejandro, and Karen Ann Martino.

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