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  • Seth Chitwood

Family Problems: Children Cast for Key Roles in “Flashback” Episode


Family Problems has cast Nicole Talbot and Keegan Paradis to play younger versions of key characters in a “flashback episode” for the upcoming final season of the mystery series.


Talbot will play the younger version of Larissa (Mary C. Ferrara). Larissa appears toward the end of the fourth season as the second in command within the mysterious cult. She leads a group of masked cult members to kidnap Christina Elliot (Natasha Hatalsky) and her daughter, Lilly (Avery Evans).  The origins of how Larissa becomes a part of the cult will be revealed.


Paradis will play the younger version of Father Hamblin (Tony Ramos Wright). Hamblin has been the leader of the church and one of the antagonists in the fourth season. Young Jacob Hamblin appears in a “fitting” flashback scene.

The final season of Family Problems premieres Thursday, November 5th at 9:00pm EST. Behind on the series? Catch up at:

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