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  • Seth Chitwood

Angelwood Pictures will halt all Production starting August 14.

Angelwood Pictures released a statement today issuing an announcement that it plans to stop all production starting August 14:

“It has been eight incredible years producing our work! 226 produced web episodes, a mini-series, three short films, and a feature film. We are just so proud of all the hard work that got us to this point. We are so thankful to everyone who has participated in or supported our projects.  A new door has opened for our Creative Director, and Angelwood Pictures must take a step back from all its productions to commit fully to this new path. Although we do not exactly know when, once we find our footing, we plan to release the remaining content being produced up to this moment. But, in the meantime, we hope you understand this decision. Thank you again for all your support.”

Angelwood Pictures also released updates on its current productions:

*The final five episodes for Season Three of Testing: The Series has been pushed to a new air date in October.

*The upcoming planned Halloween release of the mini-series, The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler, has been postponed until further notice.

*Shoot the Moon Films & Angelwood Pictures’ feature film, EYES, will continue its scheduled post-production timeline. It still plans for a Fall 2018 release.

*The Beantown Statie Production Company, CPG, and Angelwood Pictures mini-series: Code 13: Unreadble is still in post-production. Producers Charlie and Mel Alejandro will continue to oversee post-production as previously planned since productions wrapped in August 2016.

*The short film collaboration with Not So Kind Productions, The Unlucky, has been dropped. Not So Kind Productions has full ownership of the screenplay.

*Angelwood Pictures will continue overseeing production for the student short film: Harper’s First Kiss. Production wraps August 13. 

*The Family Problems’ 5th Anniversary Reunion Special Episode has been pushed to Winter 2019.

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