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Angelwood Pictures Official Schedule Update

ANGELWOOD PICTURES has updated its SCHEDULE regarding all its productions. See below.

Current Productions:


The miniseries follows Arnold Madison (David Afflick), and his family, as they search for their kidnapped son. They believe he has been taken by the same man that murdered Arnold’s first wife, Victoria (Sheri Lee). After searching for almost two weeks, they are about to lose all hope when they receive assistance from an unexpected visitor. Episode 1 will premiere around Halloween 2018. The remaining four episodes will premiere Winter 2019. Starring: David Afflick, Wendy Hartman, Sheri Lee, and Mary Fleming. 

*TESTING: THE SERIES (Season 3 Returns: Winter 2019) (Season 4: Fall 2019)

Testing: The Series is a dramatic web series taking place in the 1950s about eight patients who participate in a grueling ten-day scientific trial. The third season aired its midseason finale in July. It is scheduled to return with eight additional episodes in Winter 2019. The fourth and final season will premiere in Fall 2019. Starring: Dana Wine, Stephanie Eaton, Ralph Regine, Maureen Vlaco, Evan Crocker, Acei Martin, Jared Contrada, Theresa Chiasson, and Frank Czarnowski.

*EYES (Winter 2019)

A detective with Alzheimer’s disease begins to have second thoughts about a suspect on death row when his execution is scheduled in a few days. The feature film is also produced by Shoot the Moon Films. Starring: Tony Ramos Wright, Maureen Vlaco, Pamela Jayne Morgan, Stephanie Eaton, and Teresa Spaulding.

Productions Unknown Release:

*CODE 13: UNDREADBLE (minseries)

Productions Cancelled:


*ZAMBRANO (feature film)


Find out more at:

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