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“World’s Worst Director” renewed for SEASON THREE

Guess who’s back? At the Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards, on Friday night, it was announced that the infamous Moses will be returning to the Angelwood Pictures world. World’s Worst Director has been renewed for a 10-episode third season. A special teaser, announcing the return, aired during the award show. 

The teaser featured Jackie (Charlie Alejandro) doing a news piece on Moses’ (Seth Chitwood) return and trying to interview Katie (Mary C. Ferrara) on her reaction.

The series picks up three years later with Moses returning to Rhode Island after being absent from the indie film industry. He was busy pursuing a successful career writing a television series in New York. The reason for his return is unknown, but he hopes to resume his relationship with Katie – who he hasn’t spoken with since his departure – after an “incident” between them.

The series will begin productions in April 2016. It’s scheduled to premiere in September. Ferrara and Chitwood are scheduled to return. No one else has been announced and casting has just begun. Check out the special teaser below:

You can watch the first two seasons of World’s Worst Director here:

The first two seasons starred Erica Derrickson, Kia Holiday, Mary Paolino, Paul Kandarian, and Jenna McGowan. Featuring special appearances by Frank O’Donnell.

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