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We’re Back!! One Series Ready; Two Others Start Productions

After a brief hiatus, everything is up and running here. Red Circles gets ready to premiere on September 30th. The first episode of season 3 is completed, and it looks great. We’re locked in and ready for premiere, and we’re very excited about it. This season is going to be great. We are STILL filming some scenes for Season 3. We are going back into production in September and filming four new episodes that will feature flashbacks around Hunter Jackson. We cast last month eleven new actors. So, we will start to update you regularly soon with new information about Red Circles filming and the premiere of season three that is getting ever so close.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t heard, Angelwood Pictures is starting productions on a new series called Family Problems. The web series, which will premiere on February 17, 2013, is by creator Seth Chitwood. Family Problems is about a family that secretly buries a body in the woods and tries to live their life. However, dark secrets from the past arise and their plan of living a normal life soon becomes impossible. The series takes place in three diferent eras of time; 1995, 2012, and 2044. The series is led by Theresa Chiasson & Peter Morse. We just released our scripts, and we start filming in October. We will update you about that as we progress.

Finally, I’m excited to also announce that “World’s Worst Director” was renwed for a second season. That was already made official months ago, but we go into productions in October. In fact, the writers are just about to finish all the episodes and everyone will start to get the scripts soon! They are sooo funny. We burst out laughing when we are reading them over. We are in the process of casting tweleve new roles. In fact, casting announcements are being made this weekend. WWD will premiere in March.

So, as you can see, we have a very hectic schedule. We have three great web series coming soon for everyone to see. We are so excited, but we’re working our butts off. We still haven’t made any decisions about the fourth season of Red Circles, even though we’ve been mentioning it on twitter (@moses4321). But, we will also keep you posted on that.

Stay tuned, more to come. We are back and ready to share with you the amazing work just around the corner.

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