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  • Seth Chitwood

Watch the SERIES PREMIERE of “Testing: The Series”

Angelwood Pictures & Beantown Statie Production Company presents the SERIES PREMIERE of “Testing”.

Funded by the Moloch Corporation, a new test has begun, and Unit 23 begins administering its first phase to their eight male patients. The series is created By Seth Chitwood and Executive Produced by Charlie Alejandro. 

Starring: Casey Grace Murtagh, Tony Ramos Wright, Heather Stapleton, Dana Wine, Jenny Tyrrell, & Charlie Alejandro and co-stars: Evan Croker, Jared Contrada, Joel-Michael Martin, Christopher Fisher, Joshua Gray, Richard White, Keith Jensen, and Mark Haggett

Tonight Marybeth Paul, Luke Ryan, Robert Marsella, and Isabelle Assaf guest star.

Testing: The Series airs Fridays at 9:00pm EST.

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