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Vicky Lynch leaving ‘Family Problems’

Jennifer’s murderer will be revealed! Family Problems confirms today that their major victim Jennifer Grady (Vicky Lynch) won’t be returning next season. The murderer will be revealed in Episode 24 scheduled to air on Thursday, February 13th and will thus end Jennifer’s chapter in Molly’s long story.

“The story shifts to an entirely new mystery next season” says creator Seth Chitwood. “I tried so hard to figure out a way to bring back Jennifer, but her story had been completely told. There was nothing left to tell.”

Vicky Lynch spoke about her time on the first two seasons of the show: “Even though Jennifer is probably hated by most, I was glad I got to “live vicariously” through her and experience a roughness that I don’t have in my real life. She’s a tough chick, and it is going to be sad to see her go!”

“I’m going to miss working with the amazingly talented Vicky Lynch. She brought so much to the role and I had fun collaborating with her on Jennifer.” Chitwood exclaimed.

“Everyone is truly so talented on both the cast and crew, and it is easy to find inspiration and encouragement when amazing people are all around you pulling their weight. Everyone always gives 100% and it makes it so much easier on me as a young actress!” Lynch said about her cast mates. She also mentioned that she’ll “of course” be watching next season.

Family Problems’ also announced that Christopher Ferreira (Aaron) and Gio Catellano (Davis) would also not be returning for the third season.

“Most of the cast is coming back! It’s just that with Jennifer’s chapter ending, we bid farewell to a few other characters who stories are now complete too.” Chitwood remarked.

Episode 25 (season finale) will air Thursday, February 20. Season Three does not yet have a scheduled premiere date. But, the cast is currently filming the upcoming season. As for the face of Jennifer’s murderer, you will have to tune in to see the surprising reveal.

“I hope that Family Problems gets recognized for the work of art that it is! With an amazingly talented cast and director, I do believe it could really go far and shouldn’t be overlooked as just another web series. Truly something special.” Lynch stated.

Family Problems airs Thursdays at 9pm EST.

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