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With the premiere of Red Circles: Season 3 approaching. Creator Seth Chitwood has already said to expect several deaths this season, especially when there are thirty new cast members. He’s already said it’s going to be a dark season. However, Chitwood announced that a few regulars (characters that have been in the series as far back as the first episode) may be on the chopping block, too. Spoiler alert!

All the women pictured above are regulars, and at least one of them (we can confirm) will be singing their swan song some point during this season. Will it be Detective Hannah Jones (Susan T. Travers) who is currently searching for her kidnapped daughter, Penny? Or will it be Agent Jillian White (Jennifer Walsh) who was the reason for Penny’s kidnapping when Elizabeth knocked her out at the safe house? Could it be Detective Jane Roberts (Willow Jayne Anderson) who was rescued after being held captive by Dr. Hayley Warren in the season two finale? Or maybe Agent Tiffany Simmons (Sophie Kreyssig) whose partner, Agent Thomas, died in her arms in the finale? Finally, could it be Detective Allison Erics (Krystal Hall) who we found out has a daughter, Violet?

Chitwood confirmed that at least one of these women will die during the third season, and it won’t be by accident. “It will definitely be a sad end for her, it won’t be completely deserved, but it’ll make some sense”. He went on to say; “We filmed the death a few months ago, and it was very emotional for all of us.” Whatever that means… make sure to watch the third season of Red Circles.

The season premieres on September 30th, 2012 at 9:00pm.

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