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Red Circles introduces a new character in tonight’s season premiering episode. Detective James Henderson (Daniel Lee White), a highly respected criminal analyst for the FBI, joins the team. Henderson will be working alongside Agent Tiffany Simmons (Sophie Kreyssig) to further their investigation about Hunter Jackson.

However, when Henderson first arrives something isn’t quite right about him. In fact, in the premiere episode, Tiffany is already annoyed by Henderson’s strange and weird behaviors. Later, we learn that Henderson has something known as asperger syndrome. Aspergers can be loosely defined as people who do not do well in social situations. Henderson explains in an upcoming episode; “You may not understand me, and I may not understand you…”

“It was fun to play such a dynamic and deep character with a serious disability. Henderson’s movements were so specific and counted. And remembering the numbers of steps, blinks and movements on top of the lines was a wonderful opportunity that I loved getting the chance to do.” Said Daniel Lee White about his role.

Although Henderson may come off strange to the other agents, his work is impeccable and will eventually break the case wide open this season. He will make some new discoveries that no one has ever thought about. He becomes a huge asset to the team, even if they don’t quite understand him at times. Henderson is one the new leads, after two characters (Kane and Thomas) departed at the end of the second season. “There isn’t a chief of police this season; the FBI has completely taken over the case.” Says creator Seth Chitwood.

In tonight’s episode, Henderson arrives at the police station and barley says ten words. “It’s a major theme in the first few episodes. There are so many strange things going on with this case, and now Agent Tiffany must deal with someone on her team that isn’t quite ordinary.” Chitwood explains. “Daniel [Lee White as Henderson] does a very good job, he really nails the character.”

The entire first episode’s theme is about coping with problems. Sophie Arlington (Corey Arruda) continues to dream about Kane, while she attends therapy to manage her emotions. “She is not only trying to cope with Kane’s death, but how responsible she feels about it…” Corey Arruda explained. Her therapist, Dr. Gene Avery (Maureen Vlaco) helps her “move on”. Meanwhile, Detective Hannah Jones (Susan T. Travers) is searching for her daughter and continues to hit dead ends. It’s hard for her to accept this.

A few other new characters to join this season are Detective Phillip Goyle (Evan Konstantine), the new medical examiner – Dr. Chris Hutchinson (Charlie Alejandro), and Detective Jones’ partner in New York – Detective Adam Hartt (Timothy Bonavita). Henderson will also bring in a consultant to help with the case played by Mary Flemming.

The third season premieres TONIGHT at 9:00pm.

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