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  • Seth Chitwood


CASTING ANNOUNCEMENT: When “World’s Worst Director” returns with an all new season in March, fans will get to meet Moses’ parents. Frank O’Donnell will play Moses’ father (Jack) and Audrey Noone will play Moses’ mother (Millie).

They have been off in Africa together, “rekindling their love” as Moses put it to Kate. Jack is an animal documentarian, and he is filming a zebra migration documentary. But, Moses is surprised when they return early from their trip, and Katie is caught in the crossfire when she is invited to dinner.

It’s one of the most chaotic dinners ever! Moses style!

It’ll be great to see the two people who “produced” and raised Moses. But, it’ll also give some insight into why Moses is the way he is. O’Donnell and Noone are signed on for a 3-episode arch this season. WWD returns March 24, 2013 at 8:00pm. To watch the season again, click HERE.

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