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Angelwood Pictures eyes a way to finally complete RED CIRCLES.

Angelwood Pictures is looking into POSSIBLE plans to release the remaining episodes of Red Circles after the final season was cancelled November 10, 2013.

RED CIRCLES was about a detective chasing a serial killer attempting to use an ancient super natural ritual on his victims to bring a loved one back from the dead. The series starred: Corey Lynn Aruda, Paul Kandarian, Susan T. Travers, Sophie Kreyssig, Rosemary Pacheco, Mary Paolino, Charlie Alejandro, Nicholas A Dimaio, Timmy Decoff, and Mary Fleming.

It received five LA Web Festival Awards including Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Ensemble, and Outstanding Theme Song.

The fourth (and final) season was twelve days into production (and only four days left) when the series was shockingly cancelled due to cast and contract issues. The first episode premiered, but the additional eleven episodes were unfortunately scrapped from the schedule.

For almost five years, all of the footage has been shelved with no plans for release… until now. As part of Angelwood Pictures’ new initiatives, the final season MAY have the chance to finally see the light of day.

In the season three finale, the series jumped ten years into the future and a lucid Detective Arlington was now a victim in another Red Circles ritual.

Angelwood Pictures says it has plans to use a majority of the previously shot footage as a series of flashbacks revolving around a female detective investigating a similar case.

None of the original cast members will be needed for the planned shooting. Four additional shooting days will take place with a small handful of new cast members in the Summer.

More information will be announced as this continues to be developed. Watch the series at

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