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  • Seth Chitwood

Today for Red Circles

What did I think of tonight’s new episode of Red Circles? I think as far a content, it was a good episode. It opened the door to three new story lines that will come into play from now until the end of the season. 1) Arlington and her relationship with her old partner, Hannah Jones 2) Who (and why) attacked Kane in his apartment at the end of the episode 3) The story of Emma and her husband before his death. These will all be the main focus in Episode 17 – “What Tomorrow Bring” – Premiering next Sunday.

A few other things to remember: let’s not forget about Roberts, Arlington’s old partner that went missing at the end of season 1. They still haven’t found her (dead or alive), and with Arlington going back to see her old partner, Hannah, this might bring back some painful feelings. Somebody else that is still missing is Ben Kane; Burt Kane’s son. It seems that Kane is caught up in the recent developments that we may have derailed from Kane’s most important task; finding his son. These are two important plots to remember. We also didn’t see much of Elizabeth, just that she was being moved to a safe house for protection because her baby was kidnapped from the hospital by who they believed was Hunter Jackson.

These subjects will be a main focus in the remaining five episodes of the season, and will be addressed. The season will tie up some lose ends before leaving you with a giant twist that will make way for season 3.

The only other issues with tonight’s episode was the actual formatting issues. I made the official transition to Adobe, editing all the scenes in Adobe Premiere 2.0. However, rendering these files was another story. I won’t reveal the exact issues in the episode, but just that my father and I struggled for almost 2-days (up to the last possible minute) rendering and re-rendering files; working out kinks and issues with the audio and video. What you saw tonight was at least an improvement of what we first dealt with. At one time, I feared that the episode wouldn’t be ready and almost just gave up. Though we were able to successfully premiere the episode, still I am nervous about next week’s episode. The kinks still haven’t been worked out. If you liked tonight’s episode and didn’t find anything wrong…thanks. But, still, I want the episodes to be the best viewing experience possible and at the moment, I’m afraid tonight’s was good…but not up to par with past episodes.

As for filming today, we filmed several Season 3 scenes with a few new characters. All the scenes went well. The performances are great from everyone. We shot a very cool scene in which two detectives have to walk down a snowy path following blood droplets. It took forever to film, and my fingers were sooooo cold by the end! However, I think it’ll be really cool. Overall, I actually really enjoyed today’s filming day. That was the best part of the day. Rhode Island College classes start tomorrow! WOOT!

Hope you enjoyed tonight’s episode: "Recorded Confession". If not, I hope you check it out.

That’s all for Red Circles.

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