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Today for Red Circles

The first week of Rhode Island College classes are completed. Now, I get to go back to focusing on Red Circles. Another episode is coming out Sunday night and I think we’ve finally figured out the whole Adobe Premiere issues. It’s a short-term solution, but I think it’ll work. I just finished some editing, and hope to return tomorrow night to finish. I have a WWD Cast Meeting tomorrow at noon. Table reading AND Promo filming. Expect a WWD Promo by next week with the launch of our new website;

After the meeting I’m going out to dinner with my parents for my  21st Birthday. Outback Steakhouse! I had a small dinner with friends on my Birthday on Wednesday at Uno and had my first official legal drink; a Grateful Dead. Yummy! (My sister, Melanie, will actually be turning 18-years old tomorrow. WOW, we’re so old.) Next Friday, I have plans to go clubbing (which is big for me…) with one of my good friends. However, I believe we have Red Circles filming the next day, Saturday. Uh-oh. Keep you posted on that one.

Filming in Fairhaven, Massachusetts on Sunday starting at 8:00am. We are filming a bunch of scenes for Season 3. I can’t tell you ANYTHING. Just that we’re filming in an old half torn down hotel. It’s gonna be cold because there is no heat. I’ll post a picture or two. But, my lips are sealed in regards to what we are filming. You’ll have to wait to see for yourself. ANNOUNCEMENT: SEASON 3 STARTS SEPTEMBER 2012.

We will be having a two week break after Sunday’s episode, then be returning with the first of the final four episodes on February 19th! I can now tell you the titles of each episode; “What Tomorrow Brings” (Ep. 7), “Facing The Truth” (Ep. 8), “Revelations” (Ep. 9), “Call Me Emma” (Ep. 10), and “No Forgiveness” (Ep. 11). I  again can’t tell you anything else, but that the final two episodes are FILLED with twists that will make way for an unbelievable third season. I guarantee it. I’m so excited….

I have to try and get a few hours of sleep before I have to return to editing and prep for the cast meeting. That’s all for Red Circles.

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