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  • Seth Chitwood

Today for Red Circles

Today, I held a few auditions to fill a few small guest roles in Season 3. (We held a large amount of auditions this past Saturday, too). We are about all done with casting and will have a completed cast list for the third season, soon. Hoping to continue rendering footage today, it takes quite a long time to render. Each tape is about an hour long, so that’s an hour of sitting and loading in the footage. Episode 6 – “A Recorded Confession”, which premieres Sunday, is almost done editing and ready for premiere. We still have about two scene left to shoot for Episode 7, which is being shot this weekend. The February shooting schedule needs to be finished, but I’m still recovering after my full week of filming last week. It was crazy 10-12 hours day, which has left me still very tired. I just want another day of not thinking about Red Circles. But, in the end, I think I may take a warm bath and then start in on the rendering and editing. Tomorrow, my Production Unit Manager (Anastasia O’Brien) and myself go on the radio show WATD 95.9 (South Shore, morning news) at 8:40am. That means I have to leave my house at 6:30am. However, it’s worth it. I cannot wait. Alright, I guess, I’ll head for the editing computer.

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