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  • Seth Chitwood

Today for Red Circles

Editing can take a long time. Today, I worked on the schedule for the Red Circles filming. ALMOST DONE! We also cast a few new actors in roles, which is great. We finally cast the role of SADIE, which has taken forever. She’s a very interesting character is season 3, she an old woman, that has a special ability. She is a medium, which means she can talk to dead people. We also cast Tina, Beth, and a few other roles. But, we are still holding a few more auditions this Saturday. The Wicked Late with Brendan Kirby interview came in on DVD. You MUST watch on Sunday, January 15th. Rhode Islanders can view it on Channel 18 at 8:00pm. It’s a funny show, I think you’ll enjoy it. After WPRO on Saturday (and the Sunday night showing), that will conclude our little press tour. But, I think we have plans for other appearances in February. Episode 6 premieres Sunday! I’m still editing, though. Editing can take a long time, it takes about 12-14 hours to edit each episode (and that doesn’t include rendering the footage for editing). But, it goes by fast. Once I get consumed in it, one minute it’s 2:00pm…..the next….it’s midnight. Still make that transition to new editing software, Roxio Videowave to Adobe Premiere. So, it’s been a little difficult. I’ll keep you posted. Finally, my parents viewed episode 4 and 5 tonight, and gave it raving reviews. Thanks mom & dad. So, that means you have to watch the series now! That’s all for Red Circles today.

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