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  • Seth Chitwood

Today for Red Circles

What did you think of Episode 18? YES, I apologize for the late blog post! I was actually having an issue posting on tumblr but we’re all fixed. Episode 18 premiered Sunday night….and I have to admit, it was one of my FAVORITE episodes this season. I hope you enjoyed it.

**SPOILERS*** (if you haven’t seen Episode 18…don’t continue reading….) With three episodes left of the season, this episode finally put in motion the main focuses of the final few episodes. For starters, expect more scenes to come with Kane and Hunter Jackson. You may have just got a small bit of them, but don’t worry….next week will feature more dramatic scenes about why Hunter Jackson does what he does. What drives him! Plus more torture and blood…which is a plus! Secondly, let’s not forget about the case that started the second season off. The SECOND (well, I guess third) WOMAN IN THE SHOWER. We may have been dealing with other things, but I hope you all realized that the woman with her son at Mrs. Jones’ apartment was the woman found in the shower in Episode 11. Go back and watch that episode if you don’t beleive me. The mystery of Mary’s death AND Officer Johnson’s death will be answered very shortly. Actually, you’ll see Officer Johnson’s death scene in a flashback in the next episode – “Revelation” – on Feb. 19th. Finally, a few new discoveries this week: 1) Miriam Arlington (her final scene of Season 2) gives a little bit more insight on J. Arlington’s death and about hearing him refer to “Red Circles”. 2) Sarah Waters’ is back! 3) Erics has a daughter? 4) THEY FOUND BEN KANE.

Again, so much happened in this episode and tons of new information was revealed. This will all pave way for the final three episodes of Season 2. I can’t tell you anything…just that it’ll be worth it. The final minute will “blow your mind”. Promise!

Finally, I thought there were also some really great things about this week’s episode. Who liked that “close-up” exchange between Penny and Elizabeth in the living room? I also thought that scene with Jones and Mrs. Jones was pretty good.

I really liked this episode and can’t wait for you to see next week’s. So much to come, tons of answers and TONS of drama! So…get ready! That’s all for Red Circles.

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