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Theomer Aisha Abramson; 1981-2012

“World’s Worst Director” actress Theomer Aisha Abramson (Charlie) passed away on September 8, 2012. She played the "silent” partner to Cherri (Kia Holiday) in the comedy web series. Her first appearance was in episode 3 – “World’s Worst Creative Team” where she and her girlfriend gave a presentation to Moses about their “pink” costume ideas.

“I spoke with her mid-August, after she received some of the scripts for the upcoming season, and was very excited to work with everyone again. For a character that doesn’t really have any lines, she was still so funny. …My prayers are with her family and friends.” Seth Chitwood (Moses/Creator) said.

“She was full of life, energetic, and made our scenes really fun. She always made me laugh when she was on set. She had so much ambition, drive, and hope for her career. It’s going to be so sad to no longer work with her.” Kia Holiday said.

The third episode of season two (the first episode she was schedule to be in) will honor Abramson.

“World’s Worst Director” returns March 24, 2013 at 8:00pm. .

Watch Abramson’s first appearance in WWD here:

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