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  • Seth Chitwood

The Season Finale

So the time has finally come! The season two finale of Red Circles airs tonight at 9:00pm EST. I’m so excited to be able to close another chapter and move on to the next. I would be lying if I didn’t say this season’s experience had some up and downs. (In fact, we wrapped filming three hours ago.) I learned so much as a filmmaker that only enhanced my knowledge for the future. Most of all; I made some life-long relationships and worked with several interesting and amazing performers. As a creator and a director, I also realized new things about myself that will only make me better for the future. Yes, things went wrong and it felt like the stress would never go away….but in the end, I learned from every mistake and issue that occurred.

Tonight, I’m so pleased with the outcome of the finale episode. Lately, the episodes have received positive feedback and I feel that they’ve shown great improvement since our pilot episode. This is something else I take in stride. It’s amazing the difference if you watch episode 1 compared to episode 21. 21 Episodes can really change a person!

There will be some big twists, deaths, and tons to think about at the conclusion of tonight’s show. So get ready! I’m excited because something will be revealed that will make way for the entire third season. I cannot wait to be able to talk about it. However, we will lose a few characters…so get those tissues ready. Make sure to watch after the credits for the special scene for Season 3.

With all that being said, I’m ready to continue working on season 3, and I hope you all will join us for the premiere in September. I’ll continue updating you here. But for now; that’s all for Red Circles.

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