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  • Seth Chitwood

The New Season; 17 Episodes Beginning September 30

So the third season of Red Circles starts on Sunday, September 30th. You have no idea how great the filming has been these past few months for the series. We have so many talented performers and we’ve brought so many new things to enhance certain things and make the show better than it has ever been. The third season should be Red Circles at its best, and I can’t wait for everyone to witness it. I thought I would mention a few things to look forward to, as you still have to wait another FOUR MONTHS before the premiere:

17 new episodes are slated for season 3. Twelve of the episodes are dedicated to the season plot with the detectives and agents off trying to track down Hunter Jackson and figure out what is actually going on. Whereas the other five episodes are flashback episodes from the night Hunter Jackson shot himself to present day. So, tons of answers about the relationship with Hunter & Gloria, what happened to Roberts, Elizabeth’s time spent with Hunter, when Dr. Warren truly crossed to the dark side, and much more. One of the episodes is also a plot about Miriam & J. Arlington’s relationship and what happened to Sophie after she witnessed finding the dead body at the Waters’ house.

A few people not returning for Season 3 are; Mathew Lacombe (Kane), Dani Cameron (Williams), Julian Trilling (Thomas), Jared Haibon (Arnolds), Kathleen Bebeau (Harolds), Nathan Jon Desisto (Off. Johnson), and Gilberto Polanco (Davis).

Although it sad to see these people go, Red Circles cast over twenty new actors for the third season. A few new people joining the cast are; Daniel Lee White (Agent Henderson), Susan T. Travers (Jones; upgraded as a lead), Timothy Bonavita (Det. Hartt), Evan Konstantine (Det. Goyle), Charlie Alejandro (Dr. Hutchinson), Maureen Vlaco (Dr. Avery), Mary Flemming (Sadie) and Allison Matteodo (A.D.A. Jacobson), amongst many other roles. (To see a full cast list go here:

I’ve said it before, the third season will be much darker then it has ever been. The plot will get much more twisted, however expect several interesting story-lines for all the characters. The first episode has Arlington (Corey Arruda) taken a leave of absence from the force and working in therapy with Dr. Avery (Maureen Vlaco) on getting over the death of Kane (Mathew Lacombe). Arlington has really hit a dark place, and is questioning her entire life. Although, she tries to avoid the case…she is eventually thrown back into it when something happens at her home.

Meanwhile, Detective Jones (Susan T. Travers) and Agent White (Jennifer Walsh) are searching for her missing daughter, Penny (Ava Caiola), who was kidnapped by Elizabeth (Danya Martin). Jones will also receive a visit from her partner back in New York (Detective Hartt (Timothy Bonavita)), who she had mentioned last season as wanting to get away from. Agent Tifffany Simmons (Sophie Kreyssig) is now the head of the case, but a famous criminal analyst (Agent James Henderson (Daniel Lee White)) shows up to help assist her. As the season progresses, a shower is found covered in blood but there is no body. Aside from the few victims found dead, four characters will die by the end of the season. AND although we are very far away from even talking about the season finale…..all I have to say is…..crazy.

I’m also happy to announce that there is a high chance that Red Circles will continue onto a fourth season. I will begin to start updating you with more information as we get closer to the premiere. Go to for more information about the show. If you haven’t, check out the SEASON 3 PROMO:

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