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  • Seth Chitwood

THE LOVE TRIANGLE hits over 3,000 views!

Angelwood Pictures is proud to announce that its newest short film The Love Triangle has just made it over 3,000 views on The short had its world premiere on Valentine’s Day this past Saturday. In the past five days, the view count has continued to increase hourly.

“Not a surprise! Everyone worked so hard. It was a fun script and we are so glad the audience loves it.” Director Seth Chitwood stated.

The film stars Wendy Hartman, Sean McPherson, JP Valenti, Lorrie Bacon, John Samela, Henry Davis, & Lisa Jaye. The dark comedy is about a woman who is dating two men, and is forced at gunpoint to choose which one lives and which one dies. Mary Hronicek also served as the production manager.

“People want to laugh. And what’s better than a dark comedy with a good twist? Coupled with a Valentines weekend release and folks snowed in looking to be entertained…” Hartman explained; “I’m just humbled by the response.”

The film has already received positive critical responses calling Hartman a “powerhouse performer” and the plot “quite the exciting and breathtaking story”.

The film is the second short film to be release by Angelwood Pictures since The Women of Harry which premiered in 2011. The film company produces the award winning series Family Problems and Lungs.

Have you seen the film yet? You can now watch it and find out who she chooses below:

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