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  • Seth Chitwood

THE GIRL IN THE ATTIC just released its FIRST FOUR episodes! TAKE A LOOK.

Angelwood Pictures & Beantown Statie Production Company has just released the first four episodes of its web series THE GIRL IN THE ATTIC. The premiere was unplanned.

THE GIRL IN THE ATTIC is about five people who have different dreams about a young girl trapped in an attic.

Starring Tanja Melendez Lynch, David Afflick, Kathryn Shasha, Jonathan Sartell, Alexa Hartman, Marty Smith, and Karen Ann Martino. The first four episodes also guest star Avery Hatch, Paul Taft, Rosemary Pacheco, and Pamela Jayne Morgan.

Executive Producer Charlie Alejandro. Written & Directed By Seth Chitwood. Director of Photography Evan Schneider. Casting By Jan Waldman. Productions began in April 2015.

Check out the FIRST FOUR EPISODES below!

New episodes will return Spring 2017.

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