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Did anyone catch the season three finale of Red Circles on Sunday?

The series ended with a shocking cliffhanger. What happened to Detective Sophie Arlington? AND what has happened over the past ten years? Did they defeat the RED CIRCLES?

There was a strange ritual spell performed by Sadie and Thomas with Tom screaming for his son, a funeral for Sarah Waters (did you know she died?), and there was lots of hugging!

Kidding aside, after a crazy season of “body snatching”, “talking to ghosts”, “rituals”, “hostage situations”, “a bomb”, and more crazy questions about what the Red Circles is all about…..we are left with another bloody shower.

But, that’s not the only big announcement for the series. It’s official, next season is the series’ final. Season four will mark the end to the crazy confusing paranormal soap opera. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until mid-October for the series to return. But, the wait will be worth it because Creator Seth Chitwood promises the season will be all about answers and the FINAL EPISODE will be “mind blowing”.

“I cried when I wrote it. I got chills. It’s absolutely crazy and mind blowing. Fans will be surprised, but hopefully admire the ending to this tale.” Says Chitwood.

Although some casts members did depart at the end of the season, most of the cast will be back. Corey Arruda (Sophie Arlington) will be back along with Susan T. Travers (Detective Jones), Timmy DeCoff (Michael), Jennifer Walsh (Agent White) AND several others. However, it was previously announced that Sophie Kreyssig (Agent Tiffany Simmons) has left the cast amongst a few others. However, there are plans for several original characters (all the way back in season one) to return.

“I’m hoping that everyone will come back for at least one episode in the final season. I love seeing old and familiar faces popping up one last time.” Chitwood stated.

Red Circles (Season 4) goes into production in March. Expect more updates about the show to come very soon. We will keep you updated as we countdown to the final season.

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