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Thank You, Jan Waldman!


When the new season of Lungs premieres on Sunday, February 15th you may notice a few changes. One of the biggest differences is that the series has a new producer!

Jan Waldman, who started working as a production assistant and script supervisor last season; has been upgraded to the main producer position. She replaces last seasons’ amazing producer, Susan Fountain.

“She brings so much to the table. She is very passionate about our series and dedicates all her time to really making it the best it can be” Creator Seth Chitwood commented about Waldman.

“Jan is more than a pleasure to work with. Her wonderful personality and professionalism make sets both enjoyable and efficient.” David Sackal (Daniel) stated.

He continued; “For me, those early morning calls to set were made so much better seeing Jan’s lovely smile. She helped so much, and is an absolute delight to work with.”

Waldman has already worked a total of fourteen days on set and is in-talks to return for the possible fifth season. “She puts everything into this series.” Chitwood added.


“Jan was always a pleasure to work with on set. Her cheerful attitude, consideration of actors needs and willingness to help with any task made her a fantastic producer and beautiful addition to the Lungs team.” Kimberley Miller (Cleopatra) explained.

Howard Waldman, Jan’s husband, also served as the executive producer this season. Even her daughter, Mikhaila, helped out as a production assistant for a few days!

“Jan was a joy to work with. She was the mom on set who took care of all our needs like providing amazing lunches, driving back and forth between set locations, and being there for support!” Melanie Roth (Skylar) commented.


“The fourth season was a challenge. I am really glad that Jan was here! Her dedication, amazing help, and overwhelming amount of positivity got me through it. I owe her everything!” Chitwood said. “She’s truly like my production mom!”

Thank You, Mama Waldman!

The entire fourteen-episode fourth season premieres on Sunday, February 15th at 8:00pm EST. To get caught up on the journey go to:

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