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  • Seth Chitwood

“Testing: The Series” will be set in 1950s

Angelwood Pictures has released two teasers surrounding its newest project “Testing: The Series”. 

The first teaser featured a hand reaching out to another hand. 

The second teaser gave some more clues – including revealing its first confirmed cast member, Jared Contrada. The teaser also featured audio from John F. Kennedy’s famous “Man on the Moon”. The speech took place May 1961. There were also bits of radio frequency and the sound of a female voice saying the date “November 1958.” 

The one thing fans should know about the upcoming series is that it’s one big dark mystery and every episode will reveal different clues.

Saturday, series creator (Seth Chitwood) confirmed on his twitter that the series will be set in the 1950s.

We are officially starting our new project #TestingTheSeries. I can’t say much except that it’s a period piece that takes place in the 50s. — Seth M. Chitwood (@moses4321) August 26, 2016

There’s still no more information about the series. The plot has not yet been revealed nor has any other cast members. However, Angelwood Pictures recently created a pin interest and has a board for “Testing” featuring 1950s hospital photos and other information. You can view that here.

If you want to check out the two teasers. You can view them here:

The series is scheduled to premiere October 2016.

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