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  • Seth Chitwood

‘Testing: The Series’ final episodes delayed to Summer 2020

The final set of episodes of the mystery horror series have been pushed until mid-June due to ‘scheduling issues.’ The fourth season premiered all six episodes earlier this summer on July 5.

Initially, production for the final season wrapped in June 2018, however scenes for the ‘final episode’ were filmed in August 2019. A few additional scenes are scheduled to film in January 2020, in Los Angeles.

However, two episodes may be released at an earlier date.

The series stars: Frank Czarnowski, Dana Wine, Maureen Vlaco, Stephanie Eaton, Paul Noonan, Judith Maloney, Ralph Regine, and Theresa Chiassonand also features: Ulisses Gonsalves, John Samela, Rob Floyd, Tim Dwyer, Scott Sederquist, Mary C. Ferrara, Heather Stapleton, LaNecia Edmonds, Devon Padley, and Isabella Leone.


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