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  • Seth Chitwood

Susan T. Travers, and two more join Lungs!

Susan T. Travers has joined the cast of Lungs: Season 5. The series (which resumes filming in the middle of April) will be premiering this fall. Travers is the only newest cast member to be announced. Miguel Velazquez &  Adjovi Alice Koene have also booked guest appearances.

Travers will be playing a woman that Hannah (Sam Creed) meets on the trail who will teach her what happens when you hit “rock bottom”.

“She is one of my favorite characters. Think of her like Cleopatra [Kimberley Miller], but much worse.” Says Creator Seth Chitwood.

Velazquez will play another walker who guides Hannah on her join. Koene will play a woman named Daisy.

This about wraps about all the casting announcements for the new season. However, there may be a few more surprises along the way. Chitwood has hinted that we may be seeing some familiar faces appear on the trail.

“Hannah may be running into some familiar people from the past four seasons. I can’t say who, but I’m excited to hopefully have the chance to bring them back.” Nothing has been confirmed yet.

The series stars Sam Creed, Damien Chinappi, Sean McDonough, Chris Holliday, & Judy Maloney. It’s produced by Jan Waldman, and executive produced by Howard Waldman.

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