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  • Seth Chitwood

Stephanie Eaton cast in “Family Problems: Series Finale” Episode

Stephanie Eaton will be playing the adult version of Detective Elliot’s (Natasha Hatalsky) daughter, Lilly, in the series finale of Family Problems. Does this mean we will be seeing another time jump? 

Elliot’s daughter (currently played by Avery Evans) is 16-years old on the snow. In the series, she has been kidnapped and held hostage by the cult in order to control Detective Elliot.

However, no matter what, we will get to see an adult version of herself. Does it mean a member of the cult OR back with her mother? The fate will be revealed in the series finale.

Stephanie Eaton will be appearing as a demon ghost in the upcoming Angelwood Pictures’ feature film “The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler”. However, she is still relatively new to the ‘Angelwood World’. She will be appearing in the mini-series This is How It Starts, as well as Lord of Cinders, All Hallows Eve, The No-Love Letters, Joy, Bloodyback, Why Did I Say Yes, and more.

The MIDSEASON FINALE of Family Problems airs This Thursday at 9pm EST. The series finale is scheduled to air in February. Behind on the series? Go to:

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