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Season 2 Finale

So I think I’ve given plenty of time for people who haven’t seen the finale, to see it. If you haven’t seen it yet and you don’t want to read any spoilers…..stop reading this blog post immediately. Come back after you’ve watched all the episodes!

I’m so excited about how the finale came out. I thought it was a very good finale, and I cannot wait for the third season. Sadly, you have to wait until September 30th when season 3 premieres, but I will give you a few things to look forward to.

In the season finale, we find out many shocking things:

If you didn’t understand, Thomas is NOT Thomas. As we found out in Episode 20 (and more in the finale) at some point Emma Waters took control of Agent Erica Thomas’ body, and has been pretending to be Thomas all season. In the finale, Sarah got to get a little bit of closure from her sister before Emma once again died. It seemed someone was pulling Emma out of Thomas’ body. However, in Emma’s final few seconds in Thomas’ body, she told Sarah and Tiffany “Hunter Jackson isn’t Hunter Jackson”.

In this episode, we flashback to Young Hunter Jackson after he killed Bobby and Emma killed herself. What seems like guilt, Hunter Jackson then takes a gun and shoots himself in the head. However, later in the episode, as Hunter lies on the ground….blood gushing out of his head from the bullet wound….we see Hunter wake up and walk around the room as if nothing is wrong.

Thomas/Emma tells Sarah and Tiffany that Hunter Jackson is “Tom”. If you don’t remember “Tom”, He is the husband of Emma Waters who dies four years before the Waters’ case. Yes, Tom is Hunter Jackson. Hunter died when he shot himself, and now Tom is inside his body. If you were confused, don’t worry, this is all explained within the first five minutes of Season 3.

This is the plot-point that will drive Season 3. Who is Hunter Jackson? And with 16 episodes scheduled for Season 3, I can tell you that four episodes are dedicated to just flashbacks about Hunter Jackson from when he wakes up after shooting himself ALL THE WAY to the present day. So, expect tons of answers to the “Red Circles” mystery.

We’ll also find out the fate of the actual Agent Erica Thomas in season 3.

Other things that occurred in the finale, that will make way for next season, is Elizabeth Wood kidnapping Penny Jones. Elizabeth knocks out Agent White, and forces Penny to run away with her to find her husband, Daniel. In the finale, Roberts is told to tell Hannah something when she makes contact with the station. In the start of Season 3, Hannah will be off trying to find her daughter who has been missing. Roberts, who was saved by Jones after finding her held hostage in Dr. Warren’s basement, will also be back for a few episodes next season. She will be with Arlington trying to help her recover.

Dr. Warren and Gloria Jackson will be sent to prison after they are caught by Jones and Roberts in the season finale. However, we haven’t seen the last of them. Though, we’ll only see Gloria briefly in the premiere. They won’t return until after the mid-way finale.

Also in the season 3 finale, we also lost a major character. Burt Kane is killed, after Hunter Jackson forces Arlington to slit his throat or he’ll shoot her. Kane forces Arlington to do it….and after a very dramatic scene of screaming and crying….Arlington does it. Yes, Kane is dead. Kane is not returning for Season 3 except in a quick flashback in the first episode. However, his death will take a giant toll on Arlington. In the first few episodes of the season, Arlington will be attending therapy and deciding if she even wants to continue being a detective. We also will find out what happened to Ben Kane, while Arlington and Burt are being held hostage. Ben Kane’s troubles aren’t quite over, yet.

Expect several changes in the third season. The finale seemed quite violent, the most violent the series has ever been. There will be some more violent parts this season, especially after the mid-way finale. We haven’t quite decided if this will be the “final” season, however, I can tell you that a few character will also be killed off this season.

But, there will be several new characters. Agent Tiffany will be the head agent of the case, but several agents will be joining her as the FBI takes over the “Red Circles” case. Also a few new detectives! I can’t tell you anything more at this moment, but we’ll definitely have a few promos coming soon. The website will also get a “season 3” makeover in May when we’ll announce the official cast. I hope you at least enjoyed the sneak preview at the end of the finale!

Hope you liked season 2. We’ll see you soon for Season 3. That’s all for Red Circles.

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