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Sean McDonough Cast as NEW lead; four additional cast members announced

Angelwood Pictures would like to announce exclusively that Sean McDonough has been cast in the role of Adam in the upcoming fifth season of Lungs.


Earlier this week, it was announced that Lance A. Williams would be stepping down from his role due to “conflicts in his schedule.” Luckily, the production company is excited that McDonough will be stepping in as the new lead. 

“He gave a strong audition and came highly recommended. We cannot wait to start working with him,” said Director Seth Chitwood.

McDonough has been a part of notable indie films such as Good Kids, Theory of Conflict, 6 Shots, The Forest and several theater productions including; V for Vendetti, Out Town, Marat Sade, Much Ado About Nothing, The Winters Tale, and Love’s Labour’s Lost.

The character Adam is a walker on the trail that Hannah (Sam Creed) meets while on her journey. With a dark past of his own, the two ultimately bond and help each other more then they could ever imagine.

Sean McDonough is not the only new cast member to be announced. We are happy to report that four more actors have been cast. Denise Izzi, Mary C. Ferrara, Jennifer Antkowiak, and Herb Fuchs will be joining him on the trail.

Izzi will play another walker, named Allison, who Hannah meets on her journey. While Ferrara, Antkowiak, and Fuchs will all be homeowners who help Hannah along the trail as well.

The fifth season begins productions in March and plans to have a season premiere in late Fall. You can check out the entire series at

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