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  • Seth Chitwood

Rivals, Assistants, Parents, and Guns!

Seth Chitwood talks about the upcoming season of “World’s Worst Director”.

When we last saw Moses, in the season one finale of “WWD”, his old partner Penny (Erica Derrickson) showed up and his house.

“She is nothing but trouble!” Seth Chitwood (Moses) said about his characters’ long-time rival, Penny James. “She is back to stir up lots of drama for Moses; she’s ruthless”. In the season premiere, after not speaking for three years, they reconcile and Penny isn’t holding anything back.

“You can tell that there were lots of unresolved issues between them” says Chitwood. The conversation will set the tone for the season. They even make a bet between each other that will be the focus all season long. She will then start popping up at the worst times throughout the show.

“It’s going to be an even more stressful season for Moses. You will see a much more crazy and angrier side to him.”

Aside from Moses’ rival back, his parents return from Africa during the season. Frank O’Donnell & Audrey Noone were previously announced to play Jack and Millie; the parents who rose the “world’s worst director”.

Moses and Katie (Mary C. Ferrara) will also search for a new assistant to replace Carrie (Kristen Sargent Gorman), an assistant who left Moses in the middle of last season. There is an entire episode in which Moses “auditions” and “tests” a series of people that could fit the role.

A few other spoilers to look forward to: Someone will get shot…..and the shooter is surprisingly NOT Moses. Katie will continue to hide her pregnancy. There is an episode dedicated to a few of the characters’ “love life”, and someone gets fired….yep.

The season premiere of “World’s Worst Director” is Sunday, March 24th at 8:00pm. For more information go to

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