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“Resurrection” gets a new DP

There has been a change to the director of photography on the set of the newest Angelwood Pictures project – “The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler”. Sean Carmichael has been tapped to be the new DP for the project.

Due to scheduling conflicts; the original DP on the project (Alex Watrous), had to step down from his position. Carmichael filmed his first day this past Sunday.

“We had a great time working with Sean,” Director Seth Chitwood stated; “I’m very happy to have him a part of our project. We are fortunate to have him joining out team.”

Carmichael has produced several short films including Collective Anger, Alight, Alone in the Dark, Cleave, Gleam. He has also served as the director for such projects as Gleam and What Goes Around, and more. He has also appeared in several film roles like American Poltergeist and Money or Blood, amongst more. He will be appearing in John Depew’s Lazarus Rising later this year.

“The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler” continues production until the middle of May. The film stars Maria Natapov, David Afflick, Wendy Hartman, and Mary Fleming. It’s produced by Gia Dill & Mary Smith, and executive produced by Glenn Dill.  Casting By Jan Waldman. Seth Chitwood wrote and directed the screenplay.

The film is planning a Halloween 2015 release.

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