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  • Seth Chitwood

Red Circles Announces Premiere Date

Fans may have a while to wait, but creator says that the final season will be worth it. Red Circles: The Final Season is scheduled to premiere October 13, 2013 at 9:00pm. The series, which just started production, will air fourteen episodes.

Rosemary Pacheco, Max Murphy, Jeanne Lohnes, and Matt Melfi are amongst a few new additions to the cast. Even though the cliffhanger ending left us confused about Arlington’s fate…Corey Arruda (Arlington) will be back for the full season.

Susan T. Travers (Jones), Timmy DeCoff (Michael), Paul Kandrian (Hunter Jackson), Mary Fleming (Sadie), Charlie Alejandro (Hutchinson), Mary C. Ferrara (Gloria), and Jennifer Walsh (Agent White) will also be back for the season amongst MANY other familiar faces.

Frank O’Donnell (J. Arlington) and Kathy Sullivan (Emma) are amongst many characters from past seasons that will be returning during the season as well. AND that’s not even the start of the surprise appearances that will occur throughout the season. A majority of the cast will appear throughout the season.

Red Circles: Season Three was also recently accepted in the 2013 LA Web Series Festival.

A promo is scheduled to air in mid-May to mark the start of final season.

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