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REACTIONS: 2017 Angel Award Nominees Speak

Yesterday morning, the nominations for the upcoming 2nd Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards were announced by presenters Jenny Tyrrell and Acei Martin. For a complete list of nominations, go to:

Facebook & Twitter were all a buzz with reactions from some of the nominees. Here are few of the reactions we chose:

“I’m very grateful to have my name and efforts even acknowledged among a group of people that are, as I like to say – “in it for the right reasons.”  Any of these awards can serve as a reflection of inspiration and motivation to keep striving for your next personal level of awesome. We all have our own different set of personal strengths we brought to the table throughout the episodes. A big thanks to Seth Chitwood for making room for so many people’s different versions of awesome. You gave us a platform of recognition, and an opportunity that helped us grow as an artist.” – Eddie Frateschi, Outstanding Guest Actor, Family Problems

“I am incredibly honored to have been nominated for outstanding dayplayer. I can’t say enough about Angelwood Pictures and Seth Chitwood. I appreciate the opportunity to work on his projects!!” – Marybeth Paul Outstanding Dayplayer, Testing

“WOW! I am so excited to be nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor for Perry in Testing. With such an amazing group of actors and talent this is quite an honor. I truly enjoy working with the amazing crew at Angelwood Pictures and the family of Testing. Thank you Seth Chitwood for working around my crazy schedule and giving me a great character to bring to life.” –Joel-Michael Martin, Outstanding Supporting Actor, Testing

“I am thrilled to be recognized for the role of Jasmine Willow, she has meant a lot to me and I am grateful for the opportunity to bring her to life! Thank you to everyone involved in this process, I love you guys!” – Casey Grace Murtagh, Outstanding Lead Actress, Testing

“What a great honor to be nominated! Thank you Seth Chitwood and Angelwood Pictures.” – JP Valenti, Outstanding Guest Actor, Family Problems

“It was a lovely surprise this morning! Thank you Angelwood Pictures & congrats everyone.” – Alaina Gianci, Outstanding Guest Actress, Family Problems

“What an honor to be nominated alongside women I very much admire and respect in this industry! Truly surprised this morning. Thank you Seth Chitwood for welcoming me with open arms into this wonderful film community.” – Heather Stapleton, Outstanding Guest Actress, Testing

“Congratulations to all the nominees. I was surprised and honored to be a nominee. Thank you Angelwood Pictures.” – Mary Jane Brennan Sangiolo, Outstanding Background Performer, Family Problems

“Wow. No words really !! I’m so honored to be nominated with my fellow actors/ nominees for Outstanding Guest Actress, for an Angel Award in Seth Chitwood’s web series,  ”Girl in the Attic“. Thank you Seth, and Jan Waldman too,  for the opportunity to shine in this series. Also thanks to all of the cast and crew, and Evan Schneider for your wonderful cinematography. Congrats to all!” – Rosemary Pacheco, Outstanding Guest Actress, The Girl in the Attic

“Pinch me! Thank you for this recognition and CONGRATULATIONS to ALL OF THE NOMINEES!!” – Pamela Jayne Morgan, Outstanding Guest Actress, The Girl in the Attic

“Thank you Angelwood Pictures and the nominating team! I’m very excited and pleased to accept this nomination!” – Jeanne Lohnes, Outstanding Dayplayer, Family Problems

“Thank you so much for this honor! The hard work and hours that went into Testing makes this all worthwhile!” – Evan Crocker, Outstanding Lead Actor, Testing

“Wow, mother and daughter in the same category!! –  how fun to share this honor with Alexa! We are both thrilled and grateful for the nominations. Thank you to Angelwood Pictures for giving us these wonderful opportunities!” – Wendy Hartman, Outstanding Lead Actress & Outstanding Supporting Actress, Family Problems, The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler

“Completely thrilled and honored! Thank you! 🍾💜🎉 Congratulations to everyone!” – Christie Devine, Outstanding Dayplayer, Family Problems

“Just found out I’m nominated for outstanding lead actor at the Angel awards for my role in "The House Sitter”. Beyond excited! Thank you Angelwood Pictures and Seth Chitwood for everything!” – Neal Gyles, Outstanding Lead Actor, The House Sitter

“I just feel so shocked and amazed that I got nominated… It is really really an honor to be nominated with 6 other great actors. Thank you Seth Chitwood so much for everything you’ve done for me.” –Isabella Leone, Outstanding Background Performer, The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler

“It is such an honor to receive recognition for playing Alex. Bringing him to life is so much easier with the talented writing and direction I’ve been given. I can’t thank Angelwood Pictures enough!” – Jared Contrada, Outstanding Supporting Actor, Testing

“I am humbled beyond words, and truly grateful to Seth Chitwood and Angelwood Pictures for the nomination of ‘Outstanding Day Player,’ as Adult Lilly Elliot in the season finale of ‘Family Problems,’ in this years 2017 Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards. It is an honor and a privilege to be included in the Angelwood family, and to be entrusted to bring to life, the character of Lilly. I am ecstatic, pleasantly surprised, and overjoyed. Thank you for believing in me and thank you to all who voted and believed in my character. I am profoundly and deeply appreciative. Much Love” – Stephanie Eaton, Outstanding Dayplayer, Family Problems

“What a wonderful surprise to be nominated again! It’s cockle warming to be a part of this creative community. Thanks for all that you do!” – Jane D. Benjamin, Outstanding Background Performer, Family Problems

“So proud and excited for Isabelle Assaf who was nominated for Outstanding Youth Performer for the 2017 Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Award! We love Angelwood Pictures and all the fun projects they have brought into our lives!” – Martine Assaf (mother of Isabelle Assaf), Outstanding Youth Performer, Testing

“I am so excited an honored to be nominated once again for my Mother Turner. Thank thank you Seth Chitwood for your amazing writing. Also honored to be working alongside all these amazing talents and to be nominated as part of the ensembles.” – Karen Ann Martino, Outstanding Supporting Actress, Family Problems

“Congratulations to everyone involved on the Angel Awards nominations earned for your work on The Girl in the Attic. In related news, I myself have also been nominated in the ‘Guest Star’ category for my role in The Girl in the Attic as ’Marcus‘ Thanks. Sincerely, The actor who plays ’Michael’ in The Girl in the Attic” – Paul Taft, Outstanding Guest Actor, The Girl in the Attic,

ANGELWOOD PICTURES: We apologize for this mistake in the nomination category for Outstanding Guest Actor – Paul Taft – he was nominated for his role as ‘Michael’ (not ‘Markus’) in “The Girl in the Attic (Season 1)”.  We again apologize for the error and congratulate Taft for not only his nomination but incredible and outstanding performance in our series.

“What a wonderful surprise to be nominated! I am honored and truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of an Angelwood Pictures’ production💜💜Congrats to all nominees!!!” – Elle Doucette, Outstanding Background Performer, Family Problems

“I’m thrilled and honored to receive this nomination!! Thank you Seth Chitwood! Congratulations to all the nominees!” – Paula Dellatte, Outstanding Supporting Actress, Family Problems

“Proud and humbled to be nominated in two categories this year for the Angel Awards. Outstanding Male Lead for the role of Father Jacob Hamblin in the web series “Family Problems,” and Outstanding Supporting Actor for my role as The Doctor in the web series “Testing.” Thanks Seth Chitwood for all the opportunities to push myself!” – Tony Ramos Wright, Outstanding Lead Actor & Outstanding Supporting Actor, Family Problems/Testing

“WOW! So honored and surprised to receive a nomination! Thank you! Congrats nominees!” – Clara McKay, Outstanding Dayplayer, Testing

“I’m completely honored and blown away to be recognized for Angelwood Pictures Outstanding Background Performance, amongst other wonderful performers! Thank you so much to everyone involved in the decision making process. Your consideration is truly appreciated!! Congrats to all of the nominees across the board.” – Zafir Latessa, Outstanding Background Performer, Family Problems

“Always grateful to be nominated! Congrats to all the other nominees and everyone involved with Angelwood Pictures! People following their passion. This event was a blast last year!” – David Afflick, Outstanding Lead Actor & Outstanding Supporting Actor, The Girl in the Attic / The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler

“Truly surprised to be recognized among this amazing group. Thank you Angelwood Pictures as you are what makes the magic!!” – Gia Dill, Outstanding Dayplayer, The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler

“I am touched and honored to be nominated with such an outstanding group of actors! So fun to work with Seth Chitwood, Karen Ann Martino. Tony Ramos Wright, Wendy Hartman, Damon D’Amico Jr., and many others (so many to list!) on Family Problems! Thank you for that opportunity and experience Angelwood Pictures!!” –Deirdre Robins, Outstanding Youth Performer, Family Problems

The date for the 2017 Angelwood Pictures’ Angel Awards will be announced later this week.  More information to come.

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