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PREVIEW: MAY 4, 2022????

When Red Circles returns on Jan. 6th, only a few episodes remain until the season finale! This episode will introduce a new set of characters in a totally new time period; May 4, 2022. Yes, Red Circles is heading into the future. However, the reason is still very secretive.

“There is a big twist coming, which will set the tone for our next season” said creator Seth Chitwood. All the characters being introduced in the “future” scenes are very important to the plot. But, you won’t know how important they are right away.

“The entire fourth season is set in 2022…” Chitwood stated.

Timmy DeCoff (the boy seen in the newest trailer) plays the role of Michael. He is sworn to complete secrecy about his character. However, he has officially joined the cast as a regular next season.

“Seth created a great character for me. It is the most mysterious I ever played and I’m more excited than anyone to see where he goes in season 4” said DeCoff.

Meanwhile, the final few episodes will continue to focus on everyone else. Will Penny be saved from the bomb? What is Gloria Jackson’s true intention? What does Dr. Warren want with Detective Erics’ heart? How will Arlington stop Tom Waters? All these questions will be answered when the final few episodes air starting January 6th.

Are you behind? Get caught up on the third season here:

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