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  • Seth Chitwood

MID-WAY FINALE: “The Devil’s Deal”

Sunday, November 11th – Did you catch the RED CIRCLES mid-way season finale? If not, you should watch it here:

The episode – “The Devil’s Deal” – was about the return of Elizabeth Wood who showed up at the police station in the end of the previous episode. After spending five episodes searching for Elizabeth and the whereabouts of her missing daughter, Penny; this is big for Detective Hannah Jones. However, it’s scary because here is Elizabeth and no sign of Penny. What does this mean? In this episode, to get that information, Elizabeth challenges the detectives/agents with a deal. A very big deal….to release Gloria and Dr. Warren from jail.

It soon becomes evident that Elizabeth knows so much about Hunter Jackson that could be pertinent to the case. But, she won’t say a word until her deal is made.

This is when the season really starts! The first half has been about the information; “Trust No One” Note, Officer King, Minnie King, Emma’s fingerprints, another body on the beach, spiritual connections, full moon discoveries – they are all important to the rest of the season.

When the season returns on December 2nd, everyone has gone off into three different directions. Jones, Arlington & Tiffany, and the other set of detectives (Erics/White/Goyle) are all thrown into three different “story plots” for the remainder of the season. Each one crazier and crazier. Get ready for a very exciting season, leading up to a big twist the series has ever seen (just wait for the story-arch to start in Ep. 10).

Now is the time to get caught up on what you’ve missed. Check out the first six episodes of RED CIRCLES here!

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