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  • Seth Chitwood

Meet the NEW Testing Patients

With the premiere of the third season of Testing: The Series only six weeks, six new patients will be introduced this season and be participants in another new and dangerous trial.

Devon Padley and Adam Vera have been cast to play two patients that will face a new set of dangers while participating in a new trial in Unit 23. Luke Crory, Claire Mulvena, Jack Caron, and Elizabeth Vega have also joined the cast as patients in the trial.

SEASON THREE premieres on Sunday, May 13 at 9pm EST. Meet the newest recruits below. Get caught up on the series HERE.

ADAM VERA Film: Black Mass, The Finest Hours, Deep of the Sea, Ghostbusters, Bleed for This, Ted 2, Joy, The Nexum Agency, Slug House, I Am Monroe?, The Sounding,

DEVON PADLEY Film: Living the Dream, Love in a Dark Room, Men in Suits, Ava, Through a Glass, Darkly, Mash Theatre: Adopt a Sailor, Our Town, Candy, You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown, The Pajama Game

JACK CARON Film: The Job, Gerry the Psychopath, The Audition, Colin, High School: The Series, Rosa, Percy Jackson: The Webseries, To Be Free, Parts Unknown,

LUKE CRORY Film: The Realization, Zelda: Rising Darkness, The Monk

ELIZABETH VEGA Film: Final Curtain: Fade to Black, Brute Sanity,

CLAIRE MULVENA Film: The Pitch, I’m [Not] Okay, Ruth, This is SU

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