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  • Seth Chitwood

Meet the Female Patients of Testing: The Series

Testing: The Series will be heading to another unit, Unit 18, in an upcoming episode. The new unit will feature an entirely new group of female patients under the supervision of a new doctor and staff.

The Angelwood Pictures / Beantown Statie Production Company horror web series will be visiting the new unit in two weeks.

The female patients are played by Maureen Hughes, Arissa Page, Amy Desrosiers, Andrea Everly, Sarah Reed, and Sheri Collins. The six female patients are put through similar trials as the men in Unit 23.

The unit is also led by a new staff: Nurse Donald and Nurse Daisy oversee the female patients under the supervision of Doctor Pluto.

Nurse Donald is played by Scott Sederquist and Nurse Daisy is played by Alison Adler. They both have different personalities! Donald is a womanizer, flirt, and struggles to be professional. Meanwhile, Daisy is the worry-wart of the team who is constantly overwhelmed, fragile, and fearful of termination. Doctor Pluto is played by Dean Douglas.

The episode will feature an entirely new cast (including a new opening sequence). However, the episode will also guest star Maureen Vlaco (The Godmother).

Unit 18, will be visited frequently throughout the second and third season. The two units are separate from each unit, but eventually will come together. However, until then, who will survive? You’ll have to find out!

The series also stars Dana Wine, Heather Stapleton, Jenny Patricia Tyrell, Judith Maloney, Casey Grace Murtagh, and Charlie Alejandro.

Testing: The Series airs Thursday at 9pm EST. Get caught up on the series here:

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