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Mary M. Fleming: “It’s awesome working with you!”

Director Seth Chitwood took a moment to rave about Mary M. Fleming’s performance in The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler, earlier today. She plays the role of Millie; a “spiritual” advisor during the film to the family. Here is what Seth had to say:

“I am working with another outstanding performer within the cast of “The Resurrection of Victoria Wheeler”. I just reviewed some of the footage for this past weekend, and I just have to praise the incredible performance of Mary M. Fleming. I worked with Mary in Red Circles about two years ago in a similar role. She was Sadie (who also spoke to the dead) and blew me away then with her hard work, perseverance, total memorization, and complete dedication to the role. She became Sadie. Flash forward to her role as Millie Willimod, and she has literally stunned me. Not only is she such a charm on set; but she continues to just give a superlative performance. This past weekend, she had to fall in the scene not once but TWICE. We did the scenes at least 30 times (meaning she fell 60 times, you guys, on her back!), and she never once complained. In fact, during one take she fell on the back of someone’s boot, and when she got back on her feet all she could say with a giant smile on her face was “This is awesome!” Mary, it’s awesome that I’m working with you! Thank you for being just amazing, and I cannot wait until everyone sees your stellar performance!” – Seth Chitwood

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