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Mary Hronicek talks Set Designing LUNGS and FAMILY PROBLEMS

Angelwood Pictures set designer, Mary Hronicek, appeared on Aspire TV to discuss numerous projects she has been working on these past few years. She also took a moment to discuss set designing the Witch’s Shed in LUNGS and the War Room in FAMILY PROBLEMS.

“The pre-work is 90%, actually the day of it was probably 12-13 hours” Hronicek said to host Jan Waldman when discussing how she put together the Witch’s Shed. Natasha Hatalsky plays a witch/hermit lady who lives in a shed in the middle of the woods. Hronicek was in charge of bringing the place to life.

When discussing how she literally took a blank room and turned it into a federal investigative war room, she said: “I’m very very creative in re-purposing things so that room was a good example of not only what I had in my house but one of the things I stumbled upon this summer was many local dumps during the summer they have a “take section”, so you can go and old office furniture, sometimes old maps, this that, take it…”

Creator Seth Chitwood said; “She is a genius. She has created so many beautiful locations from pure scratch. She has been an asset to almost all of the Angelwood Pictures productions! She has completely enhanced our series and brought them more to life with her fantastic set designs. She is extremely talented and a gem to any production. I was very lucky to have her designing our sets.”

Mary Hronicek also designed all the “bedroom locations” for the Angelwood Pictures’ collaborative web series “In the Bedroom” and all the church rooms in the fourth season of “Family Problems” currently airing every Thursday at 9:00pm EST.

You can check out the interview below:

You can check out her entire Aspire TV interview here: 

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