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  • Seth Chitwood

Martine Assaf, and several other join “Code 13: Unreadable”

Angelwood Pictures’ and CPG-CP Group Training & Security’s newest project, “Code 13: Unreadable”, have cast several actors in multiple new roles for the crime drama show.

Martine Assaf is the most recent addition to the cast. She will be playing Joan Ranson; the secretary to the detective unit. Assaf comes from a dominantly theatrical background playing roles in Peter Pan, Miracle on 34th Street, You Can’t Take It With You, amongst others. She is currently playing the role of Betty Chummy in Harvey and can be seen in the upcoming film, Patriot’s Day, as Connie Pugliese.


Aside from Assaf, Grace Babikian & Pierre Racine join the cast as nosey neighbors, Judy and Harold Pritchard. Sheila DiSarro Paquette has also joined the cast as Mrs. Robertson.

Gabrielle Cepeda, Toby Donald, Sheryl Faye, Mary Fleming, Shaina Lynch, Anne Reardon, Emilie Pla, Daniel Baek, Pete Bouras, Joanie Catalano, Kadian Clarke, Nicholas Deveau, MaryBeth Paul, Tina Bell, Shawn Fogarty, David Jaime, Clara McKay, Alex Santo, Jared Contrada, and Heather Stapleton have also been cast in recurring featured background and day player roles.

Meanwhile, previously announced actress, Andrea Lyman, has left the class due to scheduling issues. David Lacreta has also been upgraded from the role of Hooded Man to Greg.


The film series stars Pamela Jayne Morgan, Alaina Gianci, Sean Dominic, Timothy R. O’Malley, Leslie Trentalange, Ariel Zucerkman, Stephanie Eaton, JP Valenti, Dana Wine, Frank Czarnowski, Nathan Johnson, and Jennifer Fillingame and Richard Chandler, Jeremy Roth-Rose, Gia Dill, Brooke Solomon, Paula Dellatte, Peter Morse, Ralph Regine, Maureen Vlaco, Josh Brogadir, and Tanja Melendez Lynch.

Code 13: Unreadable is written by Seth Chitwood and Charlie Alejandro. The production is in direct affiliation with CPG-CP Group Training & Security. Casting by Jan Waldman and AP Casting. Production begins June 2016. A premiere date is planned for Winter 2017.

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