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  • Seth Chitwood

LUNGS: Three Night Premiere!

Sunday, February 15th marks the beginning of the special three night premiere event to release the episodes for the fourth season of the journey web series Lungs. 

Starting at 8:00pm EST; the first five episodes of the fifteen-episode series will air. Then, MONDAY at 8:00pm EST; the middle five. Followed by TUESDAY at 8:00pm EST; the final five will air.

The series stars Ellen Levenson, David Sackal, Kimberley Miller, Teddi Grace, Kevin Michael Strauss, Graham King, and Melanie Roth. The fourth season will be the last season for its current leads.

If you need to get caught up on the journey before the beginning of the fourth season, check out the season three finale here:

Lungs was recently renewed for a fifth season.

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