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  • Seth Chitwood

Lungs HALTS production!

Angelwood Pictures has completely halted all productions of Lungs: Season 5. Due to schedule conflicts and issues with production; the project has stopped filming. Instead, the series script will be restructured and will continue productions in mid-April.

“We needed to stop production. We think this is a great decision and will only make the fifth season even better!” Creator Seth Chitwood stated.

As of now, no casting will change. 

“The entire cast was welcoming to this decision. We have their full support, and cannot wait to continue production in April.” Chitwood continued.

The biggest change is that the season will be back to a “spring setting” instead of the “winter”.

The series stars Sam Creed, Damien Chinappi, Sean McDonough, Chris Holliday, and Judy Maloney. The series also features Denize Izzi, Mary C. Ferrara, Jennifer Antkowiak, Judy Maloney, Mitch Fortier, Maureen Vlaco, Sean McPherson, and Herb Fuchs. The series is produced by Jan Waldman.

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