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Lungs: Final Season for Main Leads!

With only two months away from the premiere of the fourth season of Lungs: this will mark the final season for leads Ellen Levenson, David Sackal, Teddi Grace, and Kimberley Miller.

“Like all great stories, they eventually come to an end,” Creator Seth Chitwood explained. “I’ve worked with Ellen and David for over a year on this project. Teddi and Kimberley almost just as long. They all work so hard and are passionate with their art. It’s sad to see them all go, but wish them the best of luck.”

Levenson won a 2014 LA Web Series Festival Award for her Outstanding performance as Saree Dumane on the series. Sackal was also one of the first actors cast when the project began productions in April 2013.

Teddi Grace replaced Kimberly Mae (Grace) in Season Three. Kimberley Miller joined the cast at the end of Season Two as Cleopatra.

“Season four is my first foray into the production side of the camera. Working with these leads opened my eyes to film in an entirely new way. At times, I forgot I had a job to do and was mesmerized of the performances,” says Producer Jan Waldman.

It was previously reported that new coming leads: Graham King, Kevin Michael Strauss, and Melanie Roth, would also only be appearing in the fourth season.

“All of the actors had to go to difficult emotional places and observing these transitions shed much light on their scope, range, and experience. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I had to work with them.” Waldman added.

There’s no word if the series has been renewed for a fifth season.

“I think it’s a very satisfying end for all of these characters. Their characters have all come a long way. The journey is finally over,” Chitwood stated.

The entire fourteen-episode fourth season premieres on Sunday, February 15th at 8:00pm EST. To get caught up on the journey go to:

Check out the official fourth season trailer here:

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